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Why Offer Cooking Classes in Detroit?

Changes are happening in Detroit. Urban gardening is alive and well and the restaurant scene has exploded in the past 3-5 years. With the food scene evolving so rapidly, we believe it’s important to bring along the children and the communities that might otherwise be left behind. 

Three students work together to prepare a dish

Cooking classes for kids in Detroit were missing in action before The Kitchen Crew. We offer a laid back but fun environment where kids can feel independent and empowered to cook delicious food and meet new friends.

So many times I’ve come across children who don’t fully understand where their food comes from and why the fast food they love doesn’t have to be their only option. Along with teaching new recipes and techniques, we also look to open their eyes to ingredients that they might be familiar with and dishes that that they might not encounter at home.

And while we’re all about the immediate impact we can have within our community, the long-term hope is that exposing Detroit youth to these cooking classes now might encourage them to consider culinary careers in the future.



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