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Today was my second visit to Ima in Detroit and it was just as good, if not better than the first visit. Trying to decide on lunch, I figured it would be perfect for this cold, dirty-snow day in Detroit, with its cozy interior, all nice and steamy.

“The dumplings are so good, I should’ve asked for 2 orders.” As I  said this to myself today, I had a distinct deja vu moment, where I remember sitting at the bar last time I was there too, thinking that same exact thought. So, just do yourself a favor and ask for two orders from the get-go. Also, Chef Mike, please show us the way. Our kid chefs (and I) would would love to know how to get that perfect filling with the steaminess and the crunch. And that sauce?! We’ll be patiently waiting for your tutelage 😉

Quickly after my dumplings came my udon. Today I tried the forest udon on a whim. I’ve been loving mushrooms lately and this one was made with a porcini broth. I took one sip and was all, “This is  vegetarian?! That broth came from porcini mushrooms?!” It. was. divine.

One of the best surprises of the whole bowl was the rosemary. It was unexpected because I overlooked it on the menu, but it was so perfect. And the garlic oil?! Just plain dreamy.

Ima also has a good-looking kids menu. It’s always nice when a restaurant offers something other than chicken fingers and mac and cheese. And t   heirs complements the rest of the menu perfectly:

  • buttered udon noodles & market veggies
  • chicken noodle soup
  • steamed rice & market veggies
  • mandarin slices

So we’ll be back again for sure. And if you see someone requesting two orders of dumplings, just know that’s probably us and you’re very welcome for the pro tip.

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