The Kitchen Crew provides cooking classes for kids in Metro Detroit. We teach children to prepare delicious meals, in a fun collaborative environment.
Real Food

Good ingredients means good meals. We use real, unprocessed foods as often as possible, which means your littles will know exactly where their food came from.

Learning Together

Kids of all ages work together and learn from each other. Along the way they make new friends and connections that could last them a lifetime.

Life Skills

Beyond just cooking, children are introduced to new foods, practice good manners, and learn simple dining etiquette to prepare them for social interactions.

Summer Day Camp

Kids learn about foods from around the world, plant and harvest the garden and learn dining etiquette.


Children work together to mix, fold and chop their way to a delicious meal


A fun, interactive experience full of activities, including making our own ice cream!

Supplies and Gear

Find utensils and knives especially made for little hands and gear to let them know who the top chef is

My son loved his party. They took care of everything!

The Knife Skills class was the best. Now I worry much less about her cutting herself.

Such a cute idea! My daughter came home and taught me!